Felling Trailers – Pole and Reel Model Trailers

Felling Trailers - Pole and Reel Model Trailers

Not just a pole trailer – Pole / Reel / Cargo Unlike a traditional pole trailer that’s sole purpose is to transport poles during storm repair and general maintenance pole replacements, combo pole trailers see much more utilization. Being equipped with a cargo bed they can serve duty as an everyday material hauler. When equipped with our removable reel stand assemblies they can serve as reel trailers. The reel stand assemblies have carrying capacities from 2500 lbs to 5000 lbs. When equipped with the hd reel stand assembly with bronze bushings they can be equipped with reel tensioning brakes as well as hydraulic payout/take up assemblies that can be invaluable when winding up downed conductor. They are available with three tandem axle configurations – 7,000 lb / 8,000 lb / 10,000 lb. Two lengths 20’retracted/30’ extended /10’ bed and 24’ retracted / 40’ extended / 12’ bed.