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CTB 175 Workshop Capsule

Made specifically for full-size long-bed truck applications, the CTB 175 by Composite Truck Body provides an ergonomic cab-height solution for many job applications. All lightweight CTB Workshop Capsules are made from high-strength, fiberglass materials and can be transferred from one truck to another fully-loaded in under 30 minutes.

Take advantage of the latest features and fuel economy of a pickup truck while enjoying the benefits of a mobile workshop.

Available with side doors and slide-out beds, the CTB 175 allows you nearly instant access to 100% of the cargo space (175 cu ft). CTB capsules can be customized with a variety of modular storage systems to meet your specific needs.

Available colors
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Weight 120 pounds
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One-piece unibody capsule. 175 cu ft of cargo space. Low profile cab-height aerodynamic design to promote fuel economy and access to areas with low vertical height, even with equipment on the roof (such as a ladder rack or pipe rack). Easy to customize with laminated reinforcements throughout the fiberglass walls. Lightweight, even with side doors. Universal fit for most trucks in the full-size pickup truck category with a 8′ bed length. Stainless steel hardware. Made of fiberglass, giving it durability, strength, and low maintenance. Full-size rear doors with reflective safety bands provide easy access to the cargo area. Automotive grade ergonomic handles with remote keyless entry option.
FULL SIZE 8′ BED Length 105″ overall length, 96″ interior – Can accomodate full 8ft piece of plywood Height 45″ height, 49″ from bottom of bed sill – 6′ 8″ clearance with ladder rack on 4WD Width 75″ Door opening width 39 1/2″ height by 51 1/2″ length Internal Volume 175 cu ft Weight Empty Capsule weighs 500lbs, Typical Capsule weighs 1000lbs with shelves and slideouts